The Study of Human Movement

by Prof. Michael Whittle, MB, BS, BSc, MSc, PhD

Although human movement has undoubtedly been observed ever since humans have been on earth, its systematic study only began during the Renaissance. In Victorian times there were major advances, thanks to the invention of photography. In the 20th Century, the use of television cameras, linked to computers, advanced the field of study in many different directions. The author pioneered the use of three-dimensional television/computer technology to study human walking, the main application being to assess children with cerebral palsy, prior to treatment. Further developments of the technology have now led to its being used in scientific research, ergonomics, police investigations, sports training and umpiring, and the entertainment industry. The talk covers all of these aspects of human movement studies, illustrated by slides and movie clips.
The author is willing to give this talk to groups of people, of all ages and backgrounds, in return for a fee and travelling expenses.
The technical level of the talk will be adjusted to suit the particular audience.

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