Skylab (1973-4) - science and medicine in space

by Prof. Michael Whittle, MB, BS, BSc, MSc, PhD

The Skylab space station was launched by NASA in the spring of 1973. After some serious initial problems, it was used by a total of nine astronauts (in three groups of three), who conducted an impressive array of experiments in several scientific areas. The author, who was at the time a research medical officer in the RAF, was loaned to NASA to supervise (from the ground!) six of the Skylab medical experiments. The talk, which is illustrated by slides, describes the Skylab mission itself, the various experimental areas, with an emphasis on the medical experiments, and the author's involvement in the project.
The author is willing to give this talk to groups of people, of all ages and backgrounds, in return for a fee and travelling expenses.
The technical level of the talk will be adjusted to suit the particular audience.

Comments from people who have heard the talk

Article in The Royal Air Forces Quarterly, Summer 1976

Article on the medical effects of spaceflight

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