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Thursday, February 10

Round the world in a breakfast

$320 for breakfast?!?!

That's Hong Kong dollars, but still. That's 35 yoyo, an absurd price. Awoke at 4.30am, and we were out walking the streets looking for a bite to eat by 6. Don't anyone ever let you say Hong Kong never sleeps (nor is that true of New York, I can assure you from experience). Everywhere was shut except the 7-11s, and I was damned if I was going to have one of their nasty-ass sandwiches.

So our grumbling jetlagged stomachs left us no choice other than to head back to our "luxury" hotel, which was at least offering an all-you-can-eat international breakfast buffet. And when our waiter (who had chosen the western name "Wingo" for himself; bless) told us the price, I determined to eat what I deemed to be 17 euros' worth. This was an early blow to my lose-weight-by-travelling plans.

However, I do believe I got my money's worth, by eating myself around the world with the following absolute blow-out.

From the generic "west" I grabbed scrambled eggs and bacon and a slice of wholemeal toast; from the US, a fluffy pancake; from Austria, a veal sausage; from Hong Kong I took beef and prawn dim sum; from Japan, fried aubergine tofu and steamed tofu in soba and miso sauce with scallions; from Germany "reichermuesli"; from France, a croissant; from the world in general, a fruit compote with watermelon, honeydew, and a piece of papaya that was as unimpressive as I had remembered. I washed this down with three cups of coffee and a glass of grapefruit juice. I drew the line at the tomato and mozarella salad with shrimp noodles and thousand island dressing.

That was seven hours ago, and I'm still full, but I feel that honour is satisfied.

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